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LIAM launches year-round Fort McMurray Urban Market

By on December 6, 2019 0 1281 Views

The recent announcement from the Regional Municipality of Wood (RMWB) on the transition of the Fort McMurray Urban Market becoming a year-round opportunity has me beaming.

In the latest release, it states LIAM will be taking over the reins of the Fort McMurray Urban Market after seven successful summer seasons organized by the RMWB.

Starting on December 14, the Urban Market will launch its first official, two-day Christmas Market at the old AMP location (8324 Franklin Avenue) with the sponsorship from Vargo Investments. (Stay locked on the Fort McMurray Urban Market Facebook page for updates and announcements)

LIAM has been a trailblazer in Fort McMurray’s development by constructing new areas for residents to enjoy their day-to-day livelihoods. East Village and the River Station District are just two of the many commercial neighbourhoods developed by LIAM.

Why you should be excited?

This new level approach creates opportunities for home-based business owners, residents, social profit organizations, schools – for everyone. Most important, this is going to be a great addition to transforming downtown.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know indoor markets are making their way into development across the province. An announcement for a downtown indoor market came out of Edmonton in the fall. 

And have you ever been to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto? It’s Canada’s most iconic market and one of the greatest in the world. This is just one of the many concepts we could see this announcement flourish into.

Just close your eyes and imagine, it’s -30C. But inside the old AMP building, it’s warm and well-lit with a greenhouse-like atmosphere, and there are buckets of flowers and fresh fruit. You can smell the sweet scents of baking bread. This could be a place where farmers and culinary experts connect.

On another side, a new business owner is launching their first clothing line. Artists are showcasing new creations and merchants their new products.

Now, I don’t know what the exact plans are for the launch, but I can tell you the opportunities will be endless, and this announcement is an exceptional addition to our downtown revitalization conversation.

This forward-thinking approach shows that the people of our community understand our residents need things to keep us busy throughout the seasons. And, get us out of our homes in the winter if we don’t enjoy the cold or we are not out skiing at Vista Ridge or swimming at MacDonald Island.

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Dawn Booth is the Editor-in-Chief of YMM Parent Magazine and Your McMurray Magazine. She has actively worked in the Wood Buffalo region's media industry since residing in Fort McMurray in 2007.

Her passion is writing poetry and puts it at the forefront of the community through her volunteer work as the President of NorthWord Magazine. Most important, Booth puts her family of five first, which includes her husband Ryan and their three children, Landon, Dawson and Tessa.