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Former Fort McMurray radio personality to host flood benefit online

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Jeremy DeRaadt is hosting the Fresh & Favourites for McMurray, a 12-hour LIVE DJ Mix YMM benefit, tomorrow (Saturday) to help local flood victims from his local studio in Red Deer.

“I decided to launch the benefit with the idea of ‘Pay What You Can’ benefit. Meaning, if you’re strapped for cash in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, then please pop online and enjoy the music wherever you may be. No strings attached. However, if your ability is higher to help than I would love for those to donate what they can to help the community,” DeRaadt shared with YMM Parent.

DeRaadt, also known as his DJ and radio personality alias, JD Hunter, is the former program director, music director and announcer of UBC Radio 91.1 (former KAOS Radio).

Living in Fort McMurray for almost five years before moving south of the province, Hunter said although he has left, his heart remains in the city.

“My heart was saddened when I heard of the flooding that caused the evacuation, and closure of downtown, especially right before the anniversary of the Horse River Wildfire, which I had experienced,” he said. “I may have left, but I’m still very connected to the people and residents who call Fort McMurray home.”

Local Organizations Need Support

The Fresh & Favourites for McMurray event will support multiple organizations in need, including the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, the Salvation Army of Fort McMurray and Samaritan’s Purse. The LIVE stream will take place on his website starting at noon until midnight on May 9. (Direct link: https://jdhunter.ca/)

“I highly recommend donating to Dan Edwards and the team over at the Food Bank who work tirelessly through situations like this. I still remember after the Wildfire when they did a daily hamper for anyone who arrived, including myself,” Hunter shared.

“Also, I don’t know that I’ve met a jollier and joy-filled couple than Majors Steve and Elaine Hibbs. The first person to hug me after I returned in 2016 was Major Elaine. And to this day, I never forgot that. They are currently operating their programs and services all from their church in Thickwood as the downtown facility was shut down due to flooding.”

As for Samaritan’s Purse, Hunter explains how they are also familiar with the Fort McMurray community as they had stayed for months after the Wildfire helping others in need.

“They have returned to the community, again, and started with volunteers going through homes to help clean up. They also have their chaplain service at the church to provide spiritual help and are available for those who need someone to talk to.”

Hunter will highlight each of the organizations in three blocks of four hours each. Donations are being accepted through PayPal, which will go directly to Lynn Stefanizyn of the YMM Helping Others Facebook page. She has been posting families to support regularly on the page.

“I will also accept cash donations, gas and grocery gift cards, brand new or freshly cleaned clothing and non-perishable food items at the Juiced Audio & Lighting Office in North Red Deer,” he said.

To contribute to families online, please visit: http://paypal.me/JDHunterOnAir or monetary donations can be sent through an email money transfer at JD@JDHunter.ca by using the password: floodaid (one word and case sensitive).

Watch the Benefit

On Hunter’s website: https://jdhunter.ca/

On TwitchTV: https://www.twitch.tv/JDHunterOnAir

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/599881023971222


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