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Webinar series launches to support seniors 

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The SAIF (Stop Abuse in Families) Society is launching a webinar series to help seniors learn more about protecting their rights in vulnerable situations. 

“We have so many seniors who don’t have the information that leaves them vulnerable to financial abuse,” said SAIF Society Executive Director Areni Kelleppan. “Information can be powerful and can empower so many of our clients, so we’re hoping that our Support for Seniors Series of webinars will help provide information to not just seniors but their families and other loved ones so that they can protect themselves.”

The Support for Seniors Series is part of the SAIF’s Elder Abuse Response Program and partners with medical and legal professionals across Alberta. 

The first session of the series starts on May 13 at 6 p.m. and focuses on planning medical directives, powers of attorney and understanding other legal documents. It’s a free one-hour webinar presented by Edmonton-based lawyers Deema AbouRizk and Nicole Watt of the Edmonton Community Legal Centre

Kelleppan explained the presenters hope to educate seniors for various situations like staying short-term in a hospital or a long-term care home.

The key messages are around planning adequately for when you might not be able to and protecting yourself and your assets for when you might not be in a position to. Many of these documents can be set for a limited time (they don’t need to be permanent or forever) and can help you and your loved ones focus on the important things like recovery and quality time together,” Kelleppan told YMM Parent. 

Support for Seniors Series Open to All

She also explained while the presentation is geared towards seniors’ issues, any family member or caregiver is encouraged to attend. 

“There are many family caregivers, sometimes seniors themselves but not always, who support and care for seniors who could really use this information. Caregivers can also be neighbours, good friends, and other loved ones that may not be related by blood,” Kelleppan said.

“This information could be used to support them in their role as a caregiver, too. It’s important that seniors, and those who care for them, know their options. Life happens and planning for it is like good insurance. You don’t want to need it but it gives you peace of mind when you do need it. 

To pre-register, email and ask about the ‘Important Docs Webniar’ to receive a Zoom link. Guests must register no later than four hours before the presentation begins. To learn more about future topics in the series, visit the Stop Abuse in Families website

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