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Landmark Cinemas’ new theatre celebrates its first anniversary

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Landmark Cinemas’ new theatre celebrates its one-year anniversary at the Commons in Eagle Ridge on November 9.

This Saturday, the theatre marks its first milestone and continues to be one of the favourite hang-out places for YMM residents. The beloved theatre has won over praise from community members through the exceptional staff, stunning design, and comfortable seating.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by bright lights and snapshots from some of the most iconic scenes in movie history. The ambience in the theatre is buzzing with energy that gets visitors pumped to not only enjoy the movie but enjoy the experience of visiting the cinema.

A great hangout for Fort McMurray’s youth

Sixteen-year-old Krutik Patel describes the cinema as “a place you want to keep coming back to. Every time my friends and I go to watch a movie, as soon as the trailers play, we start making plans to come back and watch these other movies. It’s just a great place to spend your time. You get to watch awesome movies, chill with your friends, and it’s an amazing theatre so it’s a win-win.”

The cinema has quickly become one of the most visited recreational facilities in the city and continues to serve as a preferred option for family time.

“The comfort and location of the new Landmark Cinemas theatre have created a routine for us. Most Sundays we will end the busy week and weekend with a movie together, and it helps us all reset for the week ahead,” said Becky Fadden, a Fort McMurray resident and mother of three.

Employees love where they work

The presence of such a large facility in the community has also provided numerous career opportunities and part-time employment.

Kaitlyn Lee has been an employee at the new cinema since it opened and enjoys her job because of the positive impact it has on the people of the community.

“Whenever we go up and greet visitors, we can see the liveliness in people and their love for movies,” she shared on working at the theatre. “Seeing the customers being happy makes me happy, and makes me happier to do my job.”

Landmark Cinemas employee Tyson welcomes guests at the concession stand. Photo by Tanisha Kadia, YMM Parent

The new cinema has also made enjoying films much more accessible; the Timberlea location offers convenience and comfort. Since the theatre is close to many schools, teachers can bring their students for year-end movie trips to the cinema.

Former Walter and Gladys Hill Public School student Ekansh Varshney shared his experience.

“It was really fun. I had a really good time! It’s an open environment and it’s a comfortable place where you can just relax and watch a movie,” he said. “I love how comfortable the chairs are and how they recline. It was a great experience for my class and we had a blast!”

Fort McMurray is fortunate to have a place which compares to cinemas in big cities like Edmonton or Calgary. Even driving by the new movie theatre gives a big city feel, right here at home.

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Tanisha Kadia is a grade 12 student at École McTavish Public High School. Born in India, Kadia moved to Toronto when she was two years old. Kadia and her family have called Fort McMurray home for over a decade.

Kadia is profoundly involved in extra-curricular activities at her high school, including announcement broadcasting, musical theatre productions and peer tutoring. She is also on the Student Council, Robotics Team, Breakfast Club and the Leaders in Environmental Advocacy and Protection team. Additionally, she plays the clarinet for both the concert and jazz band.

As a member of the Mayor Advisory on Council and Youth's General Assembly and the Alberta Health Services Youth Advisory, Kadia places her passion in the community by volunteering at the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre and various other establishments and organizations in Fort McMurray.