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Bright Future in Catholic Schools – Learning through technology, leadership and faith

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We live in an ever-changing and evolving world. This year, our graduates from Holy Trinity Catholic High School and Father Mercredi High School will have – for the most part – been born in 2001.

These young minds were born the same year 9/11 took place, the same year Wikipedia first went online, and the year that Apple released the very first iPod. Shrek has always been a movie in their lives. This age group of students knew technology from a very young age.

When they entered the Early Entry Program (EEP), it was the same year of the discovery of YouTube and Microsoft released the Xbox 360. The first iPhone came out before they started Grade 1.

Many of our youngest students entering the EEP next year are now on track to be the graduating class of 2033. They will spend their time in the Fort McMurray Catholic Schools family immersed in ever-advancing technology and advancement in our world.

Holy Trinity Catholic High School Principal Lisa Hilsenteger said all of the technology can be a positive influence.

“Students in the Twenty-first Century have information at their fingertips. We have no doubt with the variety of technical skills they have acquired, and the resources that technology provides, students will become valuable members of society,” she said.

“Technology is a very powerful tool, that with time and maturity, today’s generation will see its worth and value in a positive way.”

Father Mercredi High School Principal Lisa Miller agreed, “Being appropriate and using technology are skills that are easily married together. Since our students have grown up with technology, it is a life skill; students need to practice and learn the respectful way to interact and use the tool of technology. We hope to model this practice, as we model anything else that we teach. We are blessed to have talented students who teach us how to use it and exploit it positively in our daily activities. We also want to teach our students to take moments to disengage with technology to make certain they are enjoying real-life relationships and checking into their own well-being.”

No matter the technological advancement, schools always come down to people. It’s about relationships at the core.

Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education Chair Paula Galenzoski said she has simple hopes for our students.

“I hope our students always remember they were loved and cared for. That every teacher and a staff member work tirelessly to make every single day count for all of our students. I know I think of a place that cares for each and every child that walks through the doors,” she explained.

“We are a School District firmly grounded in servant leadership and faith. People should know we have an incredible support system. We consider every student an individual. And we celebrate the different successes of each student.”

Hilsenteger echoed that sentiment, “We hope that the graduates of Holy Trinity remember that throughout their time as a student here, they were part of a large family who cared for them. Like all families, there are ups and downs, but we hope they take with them both the academic and social learnings and cherish the fond memories.”

Miller added, “Our core values embody what we want our students to embrace in their times throughout Fort McMurray Catholic Schools; we Value Persons, Community, Responsibility and Learning. We hope that in their time with us, they came to experience and receive gratitude, compassion, justice and wisdom. We always hope our Trappers remember their time specifically at Father Patrick Mercredi as one of love, compassion, belonging and kindness. Our students inspire us as educators every day. We want them to leave with a sense of hope for the future and an understanding of responsibility for that future. We want them to understand that they all can change the world for the better.”

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Early Entry Program (EEP) staff of St. Kateri welcomed soon-to-be students to their Open House on May 2, 2019.

Holy Trinity Catholic High School students lead the ‘Share the Journey’ campaign at their school as part of a Lenten project on April 10, 2019. The campaign was a call from Pope Francis to encourage Catholics around the world to be in solidarity with refugees and displaced people across the globe.

Principal Sheldon Germain lends a helping hand in shoe tying to one of his students at Good Shepherd School.

Father Mercredi Catholic High School students travelled to Lima to volunteer in their Service Trip to Peru for ten days on April 11, 2019. The students helped build homes, learned how to create Peruvian dishes and explored the city’s culture and historic buildings. Photos by FMCSD

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