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TUXIS: A Written Portrait of the 99th Session of Alberta’s Oldest Youth Parliament

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We had the opportunity to participate in the TUXIS Parliament of Alberta in December of 2018. TUXIS is the oldest youth parliament in Alberta, and the longest continuously running youth parliament in Canada.

We met a diverse group of youth from all over Alberta who have a passion for debate, politics, and bettering our communities.

We spent six fun-filled days debating member-written resolutions inside the Legislative Building. Each action-packed day was filled with intense debate and established conversation. However, our debate skills were enriched the most by older members that have a true passion for debate and the democratic process.

Outside of debate, our days consisted of fun team-building activities that strengthened the bond between members. This in itself offers a learning experience as we were enlightened by the knowledge that other members had to offer. We learned more about each other and how we could support each other in learning about the parliamentary process.

The benefits of participating in this program are displayed through the vast amount of knowledge that we have attained through the few days that we have spent in the program. Through the hands-on debate involvement in this program, we learnt more than what a college course could teach us in a full month.

We ultimately were able to discover new things about ourselves when we had the ability and motivation to argue on controversial topics. Discussing our passion in front of other Tuxans has provided us with an avenue to gain confidence in discussing our interests and passions in front of others.

The 99th Session of TUXIS taught us to articulate our ideas in an efficient and presentable manner that has the potential to make an impact. The age group in participating within the Parliament are reasonably close in age. This way, individuals can easily relate with one another and create connections with one another.

Programs like this need to continue to ensure that youth know how to become active global leaders. These programs broaden perspectives, clash ideas and create friendships in just a week!

TUXIS introduces the parliamentary process in a unique method that utilizes debate and learning from their peers. Youth are more informed about the issues that affect them in the real world, and the potential solutions that could arise from it. We would strongly urge others that are interested in debate and government procedures to participate in opportunities like this.

Aneri Mavani and Ved Varshney were selected to take part in TUXIS based on an application process sponsored by Member of Legislative Assembly member Tany Yao. The entry fee to apply cost $250. Alberta youth aged 15 to 21 can register for the TUXIS Parliament of Alberta online at tuxisyp.com. Interested applicants are asked to contact MLA Tany Yao at fortmcmurray.woodbuffalo@assembly.ab.ca. or by phone at 780-790-6014.


Main photo: A portrait of the 99th session of TUXIS Parliament of Alberta.

Inset: Ved Varshney speaking during a sitting of the 99th session of TUXIS Parliament of Alberta in December 2018. Photos by TUXIS Parliament of Alberta.

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