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Wrap Lunches in a Snap!

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Even as an adult, I love wraps of all kinds. It’s like lifelong finger food to me because the variations are endless and they form a convenient pouch to hold all the delicious fillings. Whether it be cream cheese and veggies or meat and spices, the only restriction is your imagination (and allergy rules).

Easy to transport and practically mess-free, wraps make planning lunch – and eating it – a snap. Kids tend to love the small ones. And, if you let them choose the fillings, it’s less likely to get tossed in the trash or traded.

Lunch Wrap Inspiration:

Ham Salad Wrap

Tortilla wraps are delicious with cream cheese, honey mustard, corn, and chopped or sliced ham.

Turkey & Cheddar Wrap

Add some julienned veggies and use hummus, cream cheese, mayo or guacamole to hold it together. I love these chilled, and then cut into bite size pieces. Fun and yummy!

BLT Wrap

A classic sandwich of lettuce, tomato and mayo… and it has BACON. What’s not to love?

*Remember to add either a cold juice box or freezer pack to keep the food safe to eat.

Why not try Pizza Wraps!

It’s pizza! Do we really need to say more? They’ll eat it. Because it’s pizza!



2 flour tortillas
3 tablespoons. spaghetti sauce
1 cup shredded cheese
Toppings they like!



  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray tortilla wraps with olive oil cooking spray.
  • Place tortillas on a cookie sheet on the center rack of the oven. Bake for 5 minutes, just to toast the tortillas slightly.
  • Spread 11⁄2 tbsp. spaghetti sauce on each tortilla. Top with cheese and Italian seasoning. Return tortilla wraps to oven. Bake 5-7 minutes, until cheese is melted, golden and bubbly.
  • Remove tortillas from the oven. Let cool 2 minutes, then fold over edges to form wrap sandwiches.
  • Serve pizza sandwich wraps immediately, or wrap in foil or an insulated lunch container to pack in school lunches.


All of the wrap options can be put together in a snap. So, have fun with lunch making and get the littles to help. They’ll learn about food and may appreciate the work mom and dad put in a little more.

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