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YMM Parent Support Local, Shop Local – Issue 3

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Arts Council Wood Buffalo Marketplace

Shop and Sell Local Arts and Craft

Are you in the market to buy unique, handmade local art? Maybe you want to sell your arts or craft online?

Introducing Marketplace. Arts Council Wood Buffalo has opened an online store where ACWB members can sell their arts and craft, and shoppers can buy local from Wood Buffalo artisans.

  • Buy or sell a wide variety of handmade, arts-based goods.
  • Shoppers can support the local business community and participate in the arts.
  • Become an ACWB member and sell your wares through Marketplace as a free benefit.

Learn more at



Curumim is a mobile Yoga+Wellness studio providing Yoga, meditation and Reiki to kids 0-12 years old.

The name Curumim is derived from the brazilian indigenous language tupi-guarani meaning child. It refers to the local children of Amazon. The girl behind Curumim is Ana Oliveira a brazilian from Rio de Janeiro who got introduced to the practice through her mom at young age of seven. Ana has been working and advocating for kids well being in our community for over a decade now.

Yoga can have many of the same benefits for kids as it can for adults. It’s a holisitic mind-body practice which is often used for physical and mental health. Through a non-competitive environment kids build self confidence, improves their physical development and combined with meditation helps to improve the quality of their sleep, executive function of the kids brain, inhace attention, focus and relaxation. Reiki benefits children of all ages improving their concentration, self-steem, anxiety and assist with sleep issues and night terrors.

Ana is a strong believer that in today’s world’s pace these practices can help kids and adults manage their stress and anxiety levels creating an overall wellbeing to families and the community in general.


Babylon by TELUS Health

Need to see a doctor fast?

With the Babylon by TELUS Health app, you can – at no cost to you.*

Plus, when you download the app you’ll have access to Healthcheck, a free health assessment tool that allows you to discover risk factors and helps you make smarter lifestyle choices.

Try it by downloading & registering today at

*Doctor consultations are available at no cost for AB residents who are covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). The application uses internet data (Wi-Fi or mobile), overage charges may apply with your respective provider.

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