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Milk Carton Bird Feeder

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I decided to select this milk carton/bird feeder craft because it was the first workshop I offered and one of the things that really started my business. I still adore this one. I met Dawn Booth (the fantastic editor of this magazine), and she has played a huge role in my success, and I’m very grateful. It is such a cute DIY for the kids to do and it will have them constantly watching for birds.


• Milk carton (1 or 2L)

• Tissue Paper

• Paint brush

• White paint

• White glue

• Hot glue

• Scissors

• Plastic cup

• Twigs • dowel

• Bird seed

• Optional: Glitter, stickers & buttons


Start by cutting out a rectangle in the front of the milk carton. Make sure to wash the container well. This cut-out will be for the birds to enter for food.


Use white paint to cover the milk carton. It usually takes a few coats, depending on the type of paint you are using. Leave overnight to dry.


Take sheets of tissue paper and cut them into small squares.


Dump the white glue into a plastic cup. You’ll be painting it onto the milk carton and placing pieces of tissue paper on top.


Use the paintbrush to do a thin layer on top to hold it in place. Don’t use too much glue (whatever is already on the brush is good), or else it’ll make the tissue paper too wet, and it’ll fall apart.


At this time, you’ll use the twigs to make your roof along the top of the milk carton. You’ll need hot glue now.


For the finishing touches, add a wooden dowel for the birds to stand on and decorate how you like by adding glitter, stickers and buttons! When you’re done, set it into a tree or poke a hole in the top and add a string to it for hanging.

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