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On Mentoring Youth

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The purpose of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s Mayor’s Advisory Council on Youth (MACOY) is to empower youth to become “actively engaged citizens who have a voice in decisions that affect them.” The professionals of the Top 20 Under 20 (T2U2) share the joys of their field of work and the importance of mentoring what they have learned onto others.


Mentor: Dawn Booth

Profession: Editor-in-Chief at YMM Parent Magazine

T2U2 Position: Facilitator and Journalism Mentor

What do you enjoy most about your field of work?

I enjoy writing human interest pieces the most because they have heart and emotion. In my field, others would call this “writing fluff,” but I believe we need “the fluff” to balance out the hard stuff life can throw our way. Plus, everyone has a story to tell, an experience to share and we can only learn more by listening to others. It helps us connect.

What does mentorship mean to you?

I believe there comes a time in your life when you’re ready to pass your skills to others – to help them develop their own career and goals. I learned this from my former newspaper publisher, the late-Tim O’Rourke. Also, being a mentor not only allows you to spend quality time with someone who has the same aspirations, but it also helps develop leadership skills. I am where I am today thanks to the mentorship I have received from the professionals in my field.


Mentor: Francine Ransome

Profession: Photographer and Sales Associate at Foto Source

T2U2 Position: Photography Mentor

What do you enjoy most about your field of work?

I get to meet a lot of wonderful people in the community. I also enjoy knowing I’m helping them and making sure they have the best experience with us. Whether it’s selling them the perfect camera for that family vacation or capturing those smiles and memories they can enjoy for years to come.

What does mentorship mean to you?

Foto Source owner Dan Sorenson became my mentor the day he hired me in 2008. He had nothing but faith and knowledge to send my way to pursue my career in photography. Having a great support system and pushing me to do better, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.


Mentor: Jennifer Kennett

Profession: Manager of Leadership and Education at FuseSocial

T2U2 Position: MACOY Youth Mentor

What do you enjoy most about your field of work?

I love getting to support those who support our community. The Wood Buffalo region is home to some incredible social profits, I am extremely grateful to get to work with some of the best in the region.

What does mentorship mean to you?

Being a mentor is one of the things I am most proud of. It’s a relationship that you don’t often get to experience among colleagues or peers. I love getting to work with the youth and impart whatever knowledge I can on them, while learning so much back in the process. It has been an experience I will never forget.


Mentor: Matthew Lorenz

Profession: Producer at Shaw Spotlight

T2U2 Position: Videographer Mentor

What do you enjoy most about your field of work?

I think the most enjoyable part of video production is working with amazing people and having a great time doing it. Even with all the stress and deadlines, the video industry is a lot of fun. It’s like no other industry.

What does mentorship mean to you?

To me, mentorship is leaving a legacy. You’re passing on everything you’ve been through – your knowledge, skills, failures, triumphs; all to make the journey easier for someone else, and hopefully, they will pass on your knowledge and theirs to the next generation.


Mentor: Mike Jones

Profession: Music Director/Afternoons at Country 93.3/Rogers Broadcasting

T2U2 Position: Event Emcee Mentor

What do you enjoy most about your field of work?

It’s a lot of hard work but almost all of it is fun. And it’s really easy to see results that pay off.

What does mentorship mean to you?

I don’t know what I would have done as a youth without people to look up to. Mentorship shapes who we are and the memories stick with us for a long time.


Mentor: Nicole Martyn-Dickinson

Profession: Social Program Advisory at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

T2U2 Position: MACOY Lead

What do you enjoy most about your field of work?

I enjoy working with the youth the most! Their ideas, motivation, energy and ambition inspire me to work harder and to look at things a different way.

What does mentorship mean to you?

Mentorship to means helping someone who is wanting to learn a new skill, not just by showing them but by supporting them as they practice the skill. It means not just being their teacher but their support system and advocate.

Photo: Matthew Lorenz of Shaw Spotlight and Francine Ransome of Foto Source during one of the Top 20 Under 20 project sessions. Photo by Dawn Booth

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