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Carter Keca

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Age: 11 years old

Birthplace: Lloydmister, Alberta

School: École Dickinsfield School

Grade: 6

Future Goal: To be a professional hockey player


“It feels good knowing you helped someone cross the street safely and that you could have prevented one more accident.” — Carter Keca


Written by Kaylun Gomez

Carter Keca is a Grade 6 French Immersion student leader who demonstrates great effort and commitment in all that he does.

This year, Carter was promoted in his crossing guard role and became Deputy Crossing Guard at his school, École Dickinsfield School. He enjoys teaching the next generation of crossing guards, and he likes to have fun while doing it.

Carter is also his class representative for the Student Lighthouse team, which is the advisory student body on how to improve Ecole Dickinsfield. They have a suggestion box at the front of the school. Students and teachers can write down a suggestion.

“We see if we can do it, can’t do it or might be able to do it. We always get back to people who made the suggestion,” he explained. “This year, we had a Family Beautification Day as a result of a student suggestion. We painted in the bathrooms and put up inspirational quotes.”

Carter also is the Vice Chair for the school’s ATB Student Bank. His favourite part is going to the board meetings every month and interacting with the other members. The Junior ATB is a mini bank that teachers have set up. There are reps from the actual ATB.

Every Thursday, students and teachers can go and deposit their money during the lunch hour. The monthly draw is for people who opened an account or made a deposit that month and gets deposited directly into their ATB account.

Carter is also a part of the school’s handbell choir and apart of the school musical. This year, he participated in Learning Through the Arts with the hopes of further developing his knowledge of music and aspires to learn the art of DJing.

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