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Heteshree Lala

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Age: 9

Birthplace: Fort McMurray, Alberta

School: Walter and Gladys Hill Public School

Grade: 4

Future goal: To become a lawyer


“I really like coding because I get to learn new things and I can encourage others to learn new things as well.” — Heteshree Lala


Written by Esther Oguntuase

Heteshree is a nine-year-old with big visions for the future! She not only has able been to maintain a standard of excellence in all school subjects, but she is also an active member of the Tech and Trade Club.

She won second place in the People’s Choice Awards and also won the Aloha Math Competition and Leader of the Month Award.

“I feel good being recognized as the Leader of the Month. I can encourage others to do their seven habits.”

One day, Heteshree hopes to hold an art exhibition fundraiser for the Center of Hope. Heteshree enjoys creating games for her peers and also makes music using Earsketch.

She created her own Coding Club at Walter and Gladys Hill Public School, which has inspired many students to discover their passion for Coding and Computer Science.

For the past three years, Heteshree performs classical dancing. She has an avid passion for math and science and hopes to be a lawyer in the future. By learning diverse coding techniques, Heteshree uses Javascript and Python to make various fun and interactive games.

“I know how to change the colour of backgrounds, and I even know how to make designs on Javascript,” said Heteshree.

In the future, Heteshree plans on travelling and exploring the beauty of the world.

“If I could pack my bags and travel anywhere, I would go to Sydney, Australia. Because it’s really nice there, and my cousins live there.”

Heteshree is a small girl with big dreams, goals and aspirations are already coming true.

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