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Mackenzie Velders

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Age: 18

Birthplace: Fort McMurray, Alberta

School: Holy Trinity Catholic High School

Grade: 12

Future Goal: To be a researcher in the medical field


“My mother describes my adventure into dance as I “would not stop moving.” And, she thought dance was the perfect way to get that as an outlet.” — Mackenzie Velders


Written by YMM Parent

Mackenzie Velders has a scope of versatile skills and talents. As a competitive dancer and instructor, a global philanthropist and intelligence for science, Mackenzie will be heading off to Grant MacEwan in the Spring to study science.

She is currently a nominee for the Schulich Leader Scholarship, which is Canada’s most coveted undergraduate STEM scholarships, which grants thousands of dollars to 50 students for engineering and math.

“I helped build a sidewalk for a community on the shores of Lake Titicaca,” she said.

“My trip to Peru was really important to me because I have had lots of people support me in my life and I wanted to give back.”

Dancing for most of her life, Mackenzie started at age four and just completed her third year as a Dance Teacher’s Assistant at UpTown! Music & Dance. In February 2019, she also co-taught the creative and fitness portions of the company’s Creative Camp.

Her talent advanced through various local dance training opportunities at UpTown! Keyano Dance Company and MacDonald Island Dance Academy. She also travelled across the Province and the United States to further develop her skills.

“When I was younger, I received a full scholarship for a week long summer intensive program in Lloydminster,” she explained. “I also received a certificate for my passion for dance.”

While Mackenzie plans to find a career as a researcher in the medical field. She shared she plans to keep her passion alive.

“I believe I will always keep dancing. I don’t think it’s something I am able to part with,” she said.

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