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Sean Onamade

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Age:  15

Birthplace: California, USA

School: École McTavish Public High School

Grade: 10

Future Goal: Currently exploring opportunities


“It’s important to have students present in youth services because they are the ones that are able to empathize with the youth the most” — Sean Onamade


Written by Tanisha Kadia

Sean Onamade is a benevolent student, volunteer and citizen. He fulfills a leading role in Air Cadets as a sergeant.

“I’ve been in Air Cadets for six years. My mom encouraged me to join. She told me the program would help me learn leadership, discipline, and overall have a good experience,” he said.

When Sean was in Grade 9, he would go to school an hour to volunteer for the Breakfast Program. Staff call him a “quiet leader” for his efforts, and he continues to take part because he said he knows how important breakfast is.

“Volunteering at the Breakfast Program is important for me because I am not a stranger to going to school hungry,” he said.

“Say you get to school in the nick-of-time and had no chance to eat breakfast because you had to catch a bus. The Breakfast Program allows students to fuel their brains once they get to school. The Breakfast Program helps kids be able to think better on full bellies.”

Sean also is an active member of the School Student Council and organizes dances, school spirit activities and pep rallies.

As for talent, Sean is musically gifted and plays the flute for his school’s Concert Band. In his section, he shows leadership and plays with confidence and accuracy. He is always the first to lend a hand when setting up or tearing down from a concert or during fundraising events.

In the community, Sergeant Onamade’s favourite place to volunteer is the Wood Buffalo Food Bank. The hospital is another volunteering opportunity, he enjoys.

As he maintains academic excellence, takes part in philanthropic initiatives throughout his school and community as well as demonstrates leadership skills learned naturally – and through Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Sean is a first-class citizen on his way to continued success.

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