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Yashkumar Bhatt

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Age: 17

Birthplace: Gujarat, India

School: Westwood Community High School

Grade: 13

Future Goal: To obtain a career in office administration


“I want to show the spirit of Westwood High School and become an athlete.” — Yashkumar Bhatt


Written by Ved Varshney

Yashkumar Bratt is an individual who values participating in sporting activities and other various school activities in an effort to maintain a vibrant school culture.

Inside and outside of school, Yashkumar can be found with a positive attitude, uplifting the mood of other students. This is excellently displayed when he participates in the vast amount of sporting activities.

As for athletics, he enjoys running either on the track or outside. He has mastered the art of running. He has proven himself in the Fort McMurray Marathon, the 5KM Race, and in provincials for cross-country running, where he won first place. Moreover, Yashkumar is also a member of the Westwood badminton team.

“I want to show the spirit of Westwood High School and become an athlete,” he said when asked where he gets inspiration to take part in school sports.

While he participates in sports, Yashkumar also enjoys volunteering for the community. He spends most of his time volunteering for the Wood Buffalo Regional Library, helping them organize shelves.

He said his work experience at the library allows him to “know what it’s like to do the job of a librarian.”

Yash is a very outgoing and positive student who is very active in school and around the community.

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