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Ansh Ramani

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Age: 12
School: Grade 7 student at Westwood Community High School for School Year 2020/2021
Future Goal: To obtain a career in oncology and cancer research technology

Written by Kanisha Lala, MACOY

Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Ansh Ramain is brilliant at the many different things that he strives for and is passionate about in his life.

He is highly engaged in his school activities including coding and the science fairs. Ansh’s educational performance places him among the top of his classes with a 90 and above average in all of his subjects.

Ansh said having high grades in academics is necessary to him because he plans to pursue a career in oncology technology to help cancer patients.

“With my interests in coding, robotics, and oncology, I hope that I can create new technology that will help oncologists cure more people in the future,” he said.

At school, he is a leader and encourages his classmates to become leaders themselves.

“I currently inspire younger students on how to become leaders and how to enhance their public speaking skills through my current roles at school,” he said. “It is one of the things I enjoy doing and I hope to continue doing it in the future.”

He said his leadership skills were adapted by balancing himself in different places and clubs.

“Through presenting to a panel of judges during multiple science fairs, tech and trade competitions, and other various opportunities, I was able to gain leadership and public speaking skills,” he said. “These skills have helped me grow and become confident.”

 “My dream is to combine my passions and use them to give everyone the resources they need to succeed and achieve a better quality of life.”

— Ansh Ramani

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