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Hanen (Hannah) Wood-Gacem

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Age: 11
School: Grade 6 student at Thickwood Heights Public School for School Year 2020/2021
Future Goal: To be an actor and veterinarian

Written by Gloria Kannumkulabil, MACOY

Eleven-year-old Hanen (Hannah) Wood-Gacem loves acting, animals and playing sports. But most of all, she loves helping others and making her classmates feel included.

“I do not want any student to feel like they’re not important or feel like no one wants them there; because no one deserves that,” she said.

She has emphasized the importance of understanding others and being kind because she said they might be dealing with something difficult. And, to the ones who are having challenges, she shared: “Never lose hope and be your best self by finding something you love to do.”

She abides by her statement and involves herself in a wide variety of activities including volleyball, swimming, archery and basketball. Alongside sports, Hanen has taken Polynesian dance.

Hanen chooses to involve herself in as many extracurriculars as she can because she believes “it’s important to give your fullest effort because you never know if you’re good at something unless you truly try.”

Her volunteerism in the community includes going to the Fort McMurray SPCA to read to the cats, being a part of Girl Guides, volunteering at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, and even helping out in the Special Olympics.

Hanen also wants to be an actor when she’s older, and had the opportunity to test her acting talents on stage during her school’s theatre production of Aladdin.

Hanen is a familiar face around Thickwood Heights for being actively involved in her school’s initiatives including the APPLE School’s Playground Activity Leaders (PALS). Through this program, she helps lead the school in ways to think and be healthy.

She has also helped out in the morning and afternoon throughout the seasons as a crossing guard, which can be a difficult safety task to perform.

“It’s a hard job as it’s crucial to be on time and be alert,” she said.

Hanen’s kindness is prominent when it comes to how she treats her fellow classmates. She’s always willing to help others out, and treats everyone with the utmost kindness.

“It’s important to give your fullest effort because you never know if you’re good at something unless you truly try.”

— Hanen (Hannah) Wood-Gacem

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