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Kendra Mercer

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Age: 18
School: Second-year student at the University of Alberta; Fort McMurray Composite High School Graduate for Class of 2019
Future Goal: To major in political science with aspirations to become a government official

Written by Shreeya Patel, MACOY

As a Mayor’s Citizenship Award recipient and MACOY Alumna, 18-year-old Kendra Mercer impacts the community with her volunteerism efforts and credits them for her optimism.

“Volunteerism has definitely changed the way I think. It has become a part of me and has made me more compassionate.”

Upon completing high school in 2019, Kendra received the Mayor’s Citizenship Award and won many accolades to continue her studies at Keyano College. She believes that the experiences she had with volunteerism and leadership in her community helped build her professional skills and prepare her for adulthood.

“These experiences helped prepare me for having a job because it taught me how to be professional,” she said.

One of her favorite places to volunteer is at the food bank because “it is very rewarding”. Kendra felt, especially after attending university, her love for volunteerism only grew.

“I like helping out wherever I can. Especially when I got into university, I would involve myself with any of the events that were going on that I was available to help out with… I like being an active member of the school community.”

Kendra also served as President of Fort McMurray Composite High School’s Student Council for two years and was a strong youth advocate in the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Youth (MACOY) for four years.

Her interactions with influential politicians were always diplomatic and polite, as well as courageous. One of the most important qualities to her is one’s voice in speaking up about pertaining issues.

“You have a voice. And when you use it, you can make real change happen. I want to continue this throughout my life, especially for those who can’t use their own voices. I need to step up and speak out for them.”

Kendra is extremely goal orientated and recognizes the need to stay positive. As she strives for academic excellence, actively engages in student volunteering endeavors, while growing her natural leadership skills, Kendra is an ideal citizen on her way to unbounded success.

“I think I will definitely go into a job that involves working in government because I want to be able to be out there making the decisions. It is so uplifting and empowering.”

“Even if an issue doesn’t face me directly, I still want to speak up about it. I want to help people out in whatever way I can.”

— Kendra Mercer

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