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Aanal Trivedi

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Age: Age: 17 (January 1, 2004)

School: Westwood Community High School Graduate for Class of 2021

Future Goal: To pursue a career in medicine

Written by Avi Pandya, MACOY

Aanal Trivedi is a passionate student who strives to help others through volunteering and advocacy on a local and global level. Aanal is heavily involved in numerous organizations, but she is most passionate about Queens in Code, a student-led organization she co-founded in 2019, which encourages and educates girls into the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field.

“Queens in Code allows me to work directly with young girls in the community. Through the help of speakers and our team, we can help the girls navigate their career interests at a young age. In addition, I love to teach young girls coding languages and help them with their coding interests,” she shared.

She is very active within the community, volunteering at the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club, the Multicultural Expo, the Northern Lights Regional Health Foundation’s Festival of Trees and YouthComputing events.

“I love to teach young girls coding languages and help them with their coding interests.” — Aanal Trivedi

Aanal also acted as a speaker for Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta, where she worked with young girls teaching them coding and the basics of phone applications. Aanal is not only an exceptional member of the community but also excels in education.

The student maintains a high academic standard and has illustrious achievements, such as receiving the Honors of Distinction Award in the University of Waterloo’s Beaver Computing Challenge in 2018.

Aanal’s determination to her goals led to the establishment of Advocate2Educate. As a co-founder, she works providing resources needed to educate youth globally, especially in developing countries and rural areas.

“I had the amazing opportunity to connect with many school officials in YMM to collect materials and explain our initiative. The collected products were then refurbished and packaged into boxes for delivery,” she stated. As a leader in the community, Aanal’s advice to other youth is to: “follow your dreams because life’s too short to spend doing something you dislike.”

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