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Auveen Amir

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Age: 17 (May 18, 2004)

School: Grade 11 Student at École McTavish High School for School Year 2020/2021

Future Goal: To pursue a degree in mechanical engineering

Written by Tithi Soni, MACOY

With astounding musical talents, academic accomplishment as an honour with distinction student, and exceptional leadership qualities, Auveen Amiri aspires to act as a role model for their peers and pass on musical knowledge.

Throughout her high school career, Auveen has participated in their school concert band and the musical theatre, in which they demonstrate their aptitude through their performance.

Despite much of their time consumed by the band and schoolwork, Auveen still finds the time to teach piano and violin to other students.

“Being able to pass on musical knowledge is a privilege, and it allows others to use music as a creative outlet and express the joy of music to others.”

One lesson that Auveen has learned amidst her high school and musical journey is to not let the opinions of other people hold you back from achieving your goals.

“I am grateful to my family, friends, and teachers, who encouraged and supported me to pursue music and trusted me to make my own decisions.”

“I will still continue to explore musical aspects of my life as a hobby and I am hoping that I will have more opportunities to teach music in the years to come.” “Being able to pass on musical knowledge is a privilege.” — Auveen Amiri

Since the start of the pandemic and spending countless hours isolated from the outside world, Auveen stayed optimistic and made the most of it.

“I used social media as a creative outlet when the world shut down so suddenly. I enjoyed the opportunity to grow outside the public scrutiny.”

Amongst all of her activities, Auveen is most passionate about playing piano and violin. She also enjoys having the opportunity to teach others about it.

“For me, playing and teaching music has always been a good outlet to express my emotions in an abstract form, and it is freeing.”

Beyond their musical talent and mentoring, Auveen maintains a reputation of excelling in their grade as an honours student, giving a helping hand to others, and being modest and respectful to her peers.

“Surround yourself with people who respect you and your goals. Find an environment where you feel free to pursue your dreams, where you can explore your interests in an encouraging environment.”

For the future, Auveen plans to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and hopes to improve designs currently being implemented to access renewable energy.

“Renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular, and I would love to be involved in this developing area of engineering,” Auveen said.

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