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Brecon Gregoire-Jenkins

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Age: 17 (March 7, 2004)

School: Grade 11 Student at Holy Trinity Catholic School for the School Year 2020/2021

Written by Muhammad Ali Qureshi, MACOY

Brecon Gregoire-Jenkins loves the arts of communication and drama. He influences others through his passions and inclusive nature to make sure no one feels left out. When asked about what he is grateful for, he breaks it down to the small things normally taken for granted.

“I am grateful that my family is in a good position and I do not have to go through struggles of poverty. I am grateful that I can have good food on the table every night and a comfortable bed to sleep in,” he said.

“I am grateful, especially right now, that I can afford luxuries that occupy my free time by myself. Everyone has many things to be grateful for, and I try my best to recognize them and appreciate them.”

Some of the things Brecon enjoyed most during last year included brushing up on his French and Russian, improving upon his baking and cooking, while also developing a closer relationship with his siblings and his parents.

“Everyone has many things to be grateful for, and I try my best to recognize them and appreciate them.” — Brecon Gregoire-Jenkins

If he could go anywhere in the world, he says a cross-Europe trip would pique his interest due to the grand diversity of cultures he would encounter along the journey.

While the pandemic has limited available opportunities for self-improvement for many people, his advice to everyone else who is striving towards personal goals is to focus on yourself.

“Nobody is going to get anywhere by looking at other people and wishing to be like them. Anyone with high ambitions or aspirations to go far should focus solely on what they can do to make it possible.”

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