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Hamna Daud

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Age: 16 (August 23, 2004)

School: Grade 11 Student at Holy Trinity Catholic High School for School Year 2020/2021

Future Goal: To pursue a career as a social worker

Written by Krista Gomez, MACOY

Hamna Daud is an honours student, a devoted community member, and a social justice advocate, and impacts the community with her passion for helping others and volunteerism.

She volunteers with different organizations in the community, such as the Youth Hub, where she advocates for her peers and offers them support. She aims to give back to the community, and one could often find her around the city volunteering.

“Your dreams will not only make a difference in your own life but in the lives of others around you.” — Hamna Daud

Similarly, Hamna is a volunteer and youth leader for Markaz-Ul-Islam and the Pakistan Canada Association. She aspires to help other Pakistani Canadians uphold the culture and connect youth with their heritage.

As she believes they are vital elements of her identity, which shaped the person she is today.

“It has taught me morals and values that I incorporate in everyday life including my passion for helping people,” she said.

Not only is she an active community member, but she is also highly involved as a student at her school.

Being one of the leads of the anti-racism project, Hamna works hard to create an inclusive environment.

“It helps give students of colour a voice, a safe place, and active representation, that they are being heard and also thought and cared for,” Hamna explained.

She has maintained an honours average and played on the basketball team since entering Holy Trinity Catholic High School in 2016.

Hamna has had multiple poems published in the Wood Buffalo Regional Library’s Words of Motion program. And during the pandemic, she created a small business selling masks.

Her motivation and passion for helping others are limitless, and the support she receives from those close to her motivates her to achieve greater things than herself.

“I feel content when I do so and take part in volunteering or even a simple act of kindness. I consider helping people to be my life’s passion and purpose.”

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