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Recommended Reads of 2021

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This list of books touches on many of the past year’s current events, others focusing on leadership, with a mix of inspirational self-esteem covers.

The Amazing Idea of You

By Charlotte Sullivan

Wild Illustrations and simple text reveal that there is potential in every seed to be a tree, in every tadpole to be a frog, and in every child to be a unique and creative adult. The Amazing Idea of You helps celebrate the glorious potential in new life and in every child.

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

By Andrea Beaty

When her abuelo is injured at the local landfill, second-grader Sofia is determined to transform the dangerous Mount Trashmore into a park, taking on City Hall in the process. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez is great for all ages!

Leadership and Self-Deception

By Various Authors

Leadership and Self-Deception explains how leaders can discover their own self-deceptions and learn how to escape destructive patterns. The authors demonstrate that breaking out of these patterns leads to improved teamwork, commitment, trust, communication, motivation, and leadership.

I Am Every Good Thing

By Derek Barnes

I Am Every Good Thing is a sweet, poetic and beautifully illustrated picture book of positive and empowering self-affirmations. With easy-to-read text, it pays homage to the strength, character, and worth of a child.

We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices

By Wade Hudson

Fifty of the foremost diverse children’s authors and illustrators share answers to the question, “In this divisive world, what shall we tell our children?” This beautiful, full-color keepsake collection has 96 lavishly designed pages of original art, poetry, poems and prose.

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